This programme is for psychologists, mental health counselors, social workers and aims to provide them with supplementary tools to accelerate therapy results. Participation requires a degree in psychology from a recognised higher education institution and leads to, after successful completion of exams, a professional Expansion Method therapist qualification from the ICEM.

The basic training is presented during weekly sessions which take place at the weekend and is supplemented by participating in one (1) weekly online meeting as part of the educational programme.



June 2019


3 Months

June 2019 - September 2019

Three days per month except August.


Human Evolution Center


For Expansion Therapist Professional Certification you will need to have completed:

15 completed therapies.

5000 words in bachelor thesis.

Success in the Certification Test.


You need to have completed the Expansion Method Personal Use.


Completion of an expression of interest form 

You need to hold a degree in psychology or counselling from a recognised higher education institution.

  • Expansion Method Professional Use Rights.

  • Reinforcing their qualifications and a competitive edge in the market.

  • Increase the effectiveness of their therapeutic effects.

  • Acceleration of time Display of therapeutic results.

  • Align with scientific developments in their field.

  • Utilization of the promotional tools and actions that accompany the method.

  • Right to participate in the research programs of the method.

  • Right to Participate in the Scientific Community and the ICEM (International Council of Expansion Method).


Forty-two (42) hours of training which includes theory, workshops and Q&As.


History Expansion Method | Personal Expansion Method Application | Types and History of Meditation and Life Coaching Practice

1st Quarter Friday (Afternoon), Saturday and Sunday (all day)

Learning Emotional Rescheduling Tools Beliefs | Learning Three Day Expansion Coaching Method | Supervised Practice | Assignment of a Diploma Assignment of Practice

2nd Quarter Friday (Afternoon), Saturday and Sunday (all day)

Learning for Personal Use Training | Delivering Diploma Thesis - Practice | Certification Test

3rd Quarter Friday (Afternoon), Saturday and Sunday (all day)

Supervisor Dissertation And Practical Task Meetings

Supervisor meetings will be scheduled to monitor your practical tasks and the completion of the dissertation. For those who live outside the Attica region, these supervisory meetings can take place via Skype as arranged with your supervisor. Presentation of the dissertation takes place at scheduled scientific conference meetings relating to Expansion.

Certified Counsellor Support

As a certified Expansion Method counsellor, you will receive a full support programme with specialised training seminars, client lists and group promotion activities. Request further information.

Supervisors & Counsellors

Each Expansion student receives educational support from his/her own personal counsellor and supervisor. The Counsellor guides the student in the completion of his/her projects and shares experiences and ways of applying the Expansion Method in his/her life. The Supervisor is responsible for answering questions as well as being immediately available to resolve any issues/problems that may arise.

Become an Expansion Therapist

The total program subscription includes:

Personal Application,

Vocational Training, Certification



Separated in: Registration (30%)

and up to 6 interest-free installments using a debit or credit card.

The amount includes all legal bookings.

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