The Future of Education The school of 2050

Expansion Method through the president of ICEM of Argyris S. Marda participated in the Erasmus +, SciCulture project for the Future of Education in April 2019, as a member of the Science View Organization (

SciCulture is an intensive 5-day lesson focused on interdisciplinary collaboration for important outcomes for the future of Education that benefits communities. 23 Students, postgraduates, researchers, educators and entrepreneurs from America, China, Denmark, Great Britain, Malta, Sweden and Greece have worked together to create an innovative proposal for the future of education and the school of 2050.

Argyris S. Mardas, from the very beginning of the workshop, suggested the introduction of Emotional Education for upgrading EQ, into the curriculum of the schools from the very first classes in order to create empowered citizens, capable of achieving their goals and establishing happiness in their lives. An idea that found almost the whole group of participants in agreement.

The participants were divided into 5 groups, each dealing with different approaches to the vision for the education of the future. Argyris S. Marda's team based its model on the award-winning Venus project. In it, prominent scientists from all fields envisioned and designed the ideal state of the future. The team designed a new model school for this community based on Emotional Education, Non-linear education, non-classes, local entrepreneurship involvement in education and the presence of Mentors and Coaches who will advise on problem solving and emotional relief.

Arts, Entrepreneurship, Education

SciCulture has combined scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and academics in its training to help participants think innovative. Each day would start at 9am with lectures by experts with different approaches, followed by discussion and work on each team's projects.

5 days in Glyfada, Attica.

At the end of the workshop, each group presented their idea and proposal for the school of the future.

The statement by Argyris S. Mardas

At the end of the workshop, Argyris S. Mardas stated:

"We have made a very good start to a workable idea, based on programs already being piloted in different countries. It is our responsibility to introduce Emotional Education for upgrading EQ in schools immediately, and the Expansion Method is ready to assist in this important research".

People involved in SciCulture

Kyriaki - Maria Karaggeli | Theodora Gkelis | Christopher Zerafa |  Xiyuan Zhang | Lars Jonsson | Argyris Mardas Stravelakis | Athanasios Spanias | Melissa-Anna Selevista | Abigail Galea | Kelly Stavridaki | Laura Gaiger | Ekaterini Maria Rozi | Can Feng | Matthew Cilia | Elli Pavlaki | Luke Graham | Hannah Nyberg | Asimina Kontogeorgiou | Aroa Gregori Montaner | Minou Schillings | Brandon Tuck | Chryssa Sgouridou | Dale Rothenberg.

More information: SciCulture, ScienceView, Erasmus+

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