Learning Science Though Theatre

We are pleased to announce the collaboration of Argyris Stravelakis Mardas in the LSTT (http://www.lstt.eu/) Learning Science through Theater project organized by Science View and supported by the European OSOS, CREATIONS and CASE programs .

More about the Program:

The action "Learning Science Through Theater" is a Science View initiative in collaboration with various institutions (Faculty of Natural Sciences and National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Hellenic-German Education, Noesis - Science dissemination center & Museum of Technology etc.). Under the auspices of the Directorate-General for Secondary and Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religions.

It is aimed at secondary school students and primary school students who are required to dramatize scientific concepts and knowledge derived from their syllabus.

Argyris S. Mardas has undertaken the artistic and directing support of the schools involved in the task of coaching teachers and teachers and the introduction of the concept of empowerment into the students' creative process (Expansion Method).

The program was created during the European project CREAT-IT (www.creatit-project.eu) and builds on the principles of Inquiry Based Science Education and the pedagogical framework of the European project CREATIONS (http: //creations-project.eu/). It is one of the accelerators of the European project Open Schools for Open Societies (OSOS - http://www.openschools.eu/), one of the instances of implementation in primary schools of the European project Creativity, Art and Science in Primary Education (CASE - http://www.project-case.eu/) and is also a proposed action by the Greek educational communities of Open Discovery Space (ODS) and Inspiring Science Education (ISE).

More information: http://www.lstt.eu/

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