Expansion Theatre: the new therapeutic theatre of Expansion Method

The creator of Expansion Method signs the first play that aims at social emotional discharge by integrating the award-winning Expansion Method for the first time into a play!

Expansion Method creator and author, Argyris S. Mardas attempts to link theater with Emotional Intelligence Upgrades with his new work: Expansion Chronicles, Missing Pages.

Can Emotional Intelligence evolve rapidly through a play and provide emotional relief to viewers?

The inspirational creator's answer is "yes, it can".

"The purpose of the Expansion Theater is to bring the healing properties of the theater back to the modern theater scene and help to uplift society by offering the potential of Emotional Intelligence through Emotional Discharge to the public in a simple and highly entertaining way. "

A few words about the Expansion Theater.

Expansion Theater is a new kind of theater that combines psychological methodologies and Life Coaching tools to create popular shows aimed to upgrade EQ and reducing levels of stress on socially depressed strata.

It offers measurable results in improving mental health using specially designed tools of the Emotional Discharge Method, Expansion Method.


The healing properties of theatre are known from the its creation. It has been exploited in important social transitional periods by providing a way out and in many cases even a solution to major social issues. Its power to create emotionally structured group experiences makes it one of the greatest tools for shaping social consciousness that mankind has encountered.

Expansion Theater adds an even greater therapeutic capacity to conventional theater. Combining it with the rapid Emotional Discharge Method, the Expansion Method, it gives it new qualities, capable of improving the psychology of entire social strata.

Expansion Method at Expansion Theater:

The speed, simplicity and efficiency of Expansion Method have revolutionized the way we deal with emotional problems. Having a full implementation time of just 12 minutes makes it one of the most fast and versatile psychological tools available. Its ability to be successfully implemented without significant training makes it ideal for use in areas other than psychology, such as theater.

With Expansion Method, Expansion Theater manages to provide immediate emotional relief to its viewers by presenting a contemporary play, without making it experimental or obscure.

Science at the Expansion Theater.

It utilizes the principles of modern theater and incorporates psychological tools into the drama plot. Expansion Method is a synthetic and combinational psychological method. It combines different sciences such as Physics, Quantum Physics, Life Coaching and Psychology.

The end result of Expansion Theater is in no way dogmatic or educational. It delicately integrates psychological techniques and "theatricalizes" them, offering a familiar look that offers therapeutic results. Its purpose is to present popular performances based on social themes that will provide a way out, not necessarily dramatic, but certainly therapeutic.

A few words about the play

Pages 197-204 from the book Expansion Chronicles Rebirth released by Livanis Editions, for a mysterious reason, are missing from every copy released. In these pages, the author revealed how each person could be freed from their limitations and phobias within minutes. Is it a mistake of the publisher, of the author's trick, or of a larger plankton that remains to be revealed?

Artemis, reading the book and finding the missing pages, sets her life's goal on finding them to make her life. But these pages contain much more than she can imagine or manage. Her adventure in revealing the secret will confront her with her biggest fears. And the story begins...

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