The International Council of Expansion Method and the Center for Reflexology and Research presents the new ERM Reflexology, Reflexology with Psychology in an exciting workshop at the 10th European Conference of Reflexology in Portugal.

It is the result of the successful collaboration of the Center of Reflexology and Research with the innovative psychological method “Expansion Method”. This new holistic therapeutic methodology manages to improve the physical and mental health at the same time.

In the workshop the founders of the Emotional Reflexology, Rena Stravelaki from the Center of Reflexology and Research and Argyris Mardas from Expansion Method, will present the new approach, that manages to reduce the time of beneficial effects at a physical and psychological level and improves health and quality of life. The methodology successfully combines Reflexology with the Expansion Method, giving a new dimension to the provision of integrated healing aid.

The new methodology succeeds:

Dramatically reduce stress and stabilize results. Reduce the time of the recognition of the therapeutic results of Reflexology. Increase commitment to the healing process. Immediate discharge toxic nuclear emotions, responsible for most psychosomatic problems. Provide holistic therapy by healing negative emotions and enhance the quality of life.

“After every traumatic psychological experience, our body reacts. The emotional pain reflects to our body and the reflexologist locates them on the reflex areas. With the Emotional Reflexology we can identify the negative sentiment and correct it, stabilizing and improving the therapeutic effects”.

Join us to our workshop to learn more of this new exciting methodology and learn how to combine reflexology with a new innovative psychological method.

Speakers: Rena Stravelaki, founder of Center of Reflexology and Research and founding member of RIEN and Argyris Mardas, creator of Expansion Method

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