The doctorate is aimed at all those who wish to provide training services for learning the Expansion Method as well as preparation for the certification exams for therapists or counsellors who wish to use the method. The qualification is issued by the International Council of Expansion Method (ICEM).

Holders of the qualification maintain the exclusive right to use the Expansion Method in individual or group training while they enjoy free access to educational material, the learning process of the method and to information relating to the development and adaptation of the method to specific audiences.

The professional rights which derive from the doctorate qualification require renewal every two (2) years, through examinations to update knowledge which are conducted by the ICEM.


Hold a degree in Mental Health* from a recognised higher education institution.

Hold an Expansion Method qualification (therapist or counsellor).


Have experience in the self-application of the Expansion Method with the guidance of a counsellor or therapist.


  • Holders of the doctorate have the exclusive right to teach the Expansion Method to interested professionals.

  • They have the possibility to profit from the expanding educational needs of the professional therapy community.

  • They strengthen their professional practice with all the individual tools of the method, choosing the most appropriate according to their needs.

  • They enjoy life long learning and professional development.

  • They keep up with fast-changing times and are informed of developments in their field.

  • They develop their professional and teaching career through promotional tools and actions which accompany the method.

  • They have the right to participate in research programmes related to the method.

  • They have the right to participate in all the charitable activities of the Expansion Method Council.


Upon conciliation

call 0030 2109841088


Upon conciliation

call 0030 2109841088


Upon conciliation

call 0030 2109841088


Upon conciliation

call 0030 2109841088

*Those who hold a university qualification in a subject area not related to mental health can join the programme as long as it is deemed that they have sufficient knowledge of related matters by taking a knowledge test conducted by the ICEM.

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